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Residency Program

HIFMR Logo with contact infoIf you live on Hawaii Island, chances are either you or someone you know hasn’t been able to see a doctor when one is needed.  Hilo Benioff Medical Center is so proud to be contributing to the expansion of the physician provider base on island and within the state.

The Hawaii Island Family Medicine Residency is a physician training program administered by Hilo Benioff Medical Center and designed to train patient-centered, culturally-responsive family physicians to improve the health of our community.  We meet our mission through outstanding mentoring, teaching, and community-focused leadership and patient care.  Our interdisciplinary team approach to healthcare brings together doctors, advance practice nurses, clinical pharmacists, and health psychologists. Together they provide comprehensive, high-quality care to more people than can a single doctor do alone.  If you choose to receive your primary care at East Hawaii Health Clinic 1190, you will be paired with a resident physician and their faculty advisor. 

To learn more about our program click on our website:

HIFMR residents and faculty