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To find a physician at Hilo Medical Center, please use the search criteria provided below.

Name Offices Specialties
Powels Horner, A., Ph. D.EHHC Pahoa - Pāhoa, HI 96778Clinical Psychology
Webb, Abby, PA-CEHHC Gastroenterology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Gastroenterology, Physician assistant
Korn, Abraham, MDEHHC Vascular Surgery - Hilo, HI 96720Vascular Surgery
Flaim, Allison, DOEHHC 1190 Primary Care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Family Medicine, Obstetrics
Wong, Allyson, APRN, DNPEHHC 1190 Primary Care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
Maisu, Anna, M.D.EHHC 1285 Primary care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Family Medicine
Montgomery, Antonio, MDEHHC 1285 Urology Clinic - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Robotic Surgery, Urology
Parchinski, Ashley, PA-CEHHC Orthopedics - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Orthopedics, Physician assistant
Lawlor, Benjamin, PA-CEHHC Kau - Pahala, HI 96777Physician assistant, Primary Care
Bochkarev, Victor, MD, FACSEHHC General Surgery - Hilo, Hawaii 96720General Surgery
Hayashi, Brooke, DOEHHC Orthopedics - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Orthopedics, Pediatrics
Juneau, Carl, MD, FACCEHHC Cardiology Clinic - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology
Adrian, Celeste, MD EHHC 1285 Ob/Gyn - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Gynecology, Obstetrics
Ruzkowski, Charles, MDEHHC 1190 Gastroenterology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Gastroenterology
Otsuka, Chayata, DNP, APRNEHHC Orthopedics - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Nurse Practitioner, Orthopedics
Zorn, Cheryl, APRNEHHC Pahoa - Pahoa, Hawaii 96778Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
Moyer, Christina, PAEHHC Kea`au - Keaau, HI 96749Physician assistant, Primary Care, Urgent Care
Chan, Christine, MDEHHC 1190 Primary Care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Family Medicine
Brittain, Corazon, APRNEHHC Cardiology - Hilo, HI 96720Cardiology, Nurse Practitioner
Sen, Courtney, Psy.D.EHHC Keaau - Keaau, Hawaii 96749Clinical Psychology
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