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Welcome to the East Hawaii Health Referrals page. Below are referral instructions by specialty, or you can access our EHH Referrals Guide, which includes provider and service information, demographics, and referral checklists for all of our outpatient specialty services.

Please complete and return the New Patient Referral Form along with all supplemental materials. Diagnosis-specific requirements can be found in the New Patient Referral Guidelines.

If you have any referral questions, please contact the clinic directly during normal business hours. If you are unable to reach our clinic, please contact our Provider Outreach Specialist at (808) 640-2172 or

Provider Forms and Guides

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services & Physical Therapy

Contact: (808)-932-3045

Fax: (808) 974-6732

Referral Information: Due to high referral volume, we are currently only accepting internal referrals from East Hawaii Health Clinics. We will update this page when we are able to accept external referrals. Thank you for your patience.

Medical Oncology/ Hematology Referrals

Contact Radiation Oncology: (808) 932-3755

Fax Radiation Oncology: (808) 932-3756

Contact Medical Oncology: (808) 932-3590

Fax Medical Oncology: (808) 974-6864

New Patient Referral Form

New Patient Referral Guidelines

Due to high referral volume, as of March 15, 2024, EHH Hematology is accepting referrals for specific diagnosis. If you are a provider and would like to schedule a peer-to-peer to discuss a referral, please contact our clinic directly (808) 932-3590, option 1, option 2.

Urology Referrals

Contact: (808) 932-3730

Fax: (808) 969-1020

New Patient Referral Form

New Patient Referral Guidelines

Referral Information: As of August 2023, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented number of new referrals. This number has created a wait time of up to 6 months or more for new non-emergent referrals. Because of this, we ask that you review the document:
EHHC Urology_Approved Referral Dx_Aug 2023”.