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To provide the best possible outcome for every patient who is experiencing an acute stroke, using an organized, evidence-based approach to care. This policy applies to the patient in the Emergency Department, as well as care to those in-patients experiencing a stroke.


Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States (and the third leading cause of death in Hawai’i). The development of new treatment strategies for stroke has improved the care of hospitalized stroke patients receiving the recommended treatment in the critical early hours following symptom onset. A stroke system of care is one that coordinates patient access to a full range of coordinated services necessary for all aspects of stroke management, including prevention, notification and response of emergency medical service (EMS), infrastructure and organizational elements, including staff, equipment, and protocols, to treat stroke patients quickly and efficiently.


The Hilo Benioff Medical Center Stroke Management Program provides evidence-based primary stroke care, including evaluation, treatment, and education to patients who present to HBMC with signs and symptoms of stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA). Our Stroke Leadership Team, including the Medical Director, Stroke Coordinator, and Stroke Committee, have been actively involved in program design, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that all patients receive high-quality, innovative stroke care. For critical stroke patients who require a higher level of care than HBMC has the capability to provide, transfer agreements have been put into place to provide transfer to a tertiary facility, such as Queen’s Medical Center, with resources to provide comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical support and a full range of diagnostic and endovascular therapeutic procedures.


The mission statement for the Hilo Benioff Medical Center East Hawai’i Regional Stroke Management Program is as follows:

To provide quick, effective, and safe care to stroke victims who come to Hilo Benioff Medical Center.

This statement is in alignment with the East Hawai’i Region’s mission statement: Improving our community’s health through exceptional and compassionate care.