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Emergency Department

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

ER building exterior

Manager: Antoinette Higa, RN may be contacted at (808) 932-3900

Hilo Medical Center’s Emergency Department offers 24-hour emergency services intended to provide rapid treatment for people affected by sudden illness or trauma.
We are the state’s second busiest Emergency Department, caring for more than 43,000 patients annually.

Our 28-bed facility provides caring, highly skilled clinicians trained in emergency and trauma care to assist physicians in the rapid triage and treatment of all conditions.
There are dedicated, specialty areas for trauma, heart attack, stroke and maternity care.

In 2011 the Emergency Department created multidisciplinary Activation Teams to respond at a moment’s notice for those needing trauma, heart attack and stroke care.
Our Emergency Department is an integral component of the hospital as a Level III Trauma Center.

What to Bring to the Emergency Room

  • List of all current medications including “over the counter” drugs, herbal remedies and supplements
  • List of dosages, when they are taken and the last dose taken
  • Primary care physician’s name
  • List of known allergies and medication reactions
  • List of surgeries
  • List of medical conditions

Location, Contact Information and Visiting Guidelines

The Emergency Department is located at the front of the hospital. The department may be reached by calling (808) 932-3900 .
Our Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day. In order to provide high quality, emergency care, we prefer a limited number of visitors in the exam rooms.
We ask that visitors be courteous and mindful of other patients and their families while they receive emergency treatment.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the emergency room, we will ask you to fill out a quick, half-page pre-registration from.
Soon after that, we will have you meet with a triage nurse to assess your medical condition by evaluating your vital signs and listen to your concerns so we can expedite your course of care.

Diagnosis and Treatment

An Emergency Department physician, a registered nurse with specialized emergency training and technicians make up the emergency medical team that will care for you. 
Your course of care may include tests, treatment, medication and a consultation with other specialists or your family doctor as needed. 
Once you are stabilized, our emergency medical team will decide to admit you to the hospital or discharge you with instructions for follow-up care.

If You Are Admitted to the Hospital

If you require further medical care, you will be admitted into the hospital. 
A TeamHealth hospitalist, specialized in hospital medicine, will oversee your stay.

Patient Discharge

At the time of discharge, a nurse will provide written discharge information detailing your follow-up care plan that you are encouraged to discuss with your primary care physician.
Please feel free to clarify any concerns you may have with your nurse. We will refer you to a primary care physician for follow-up if you do not have one. 
The Emergency Department physician may also prescribe medication for you to fill at any one of the local pharmacies of your choice.

Community Involvement

Our staff are committed to giving back to the community.
We participate in the EMS Run, American Heart and Stroke Association’s Walk, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Kamehameha Canoe Club’s Business Regatta, YWCA’s whY-Walk and events organized by our Hilo Medical Center Foundation.